Resisting Trump's Agenda

Indivisible Boulder seeks to unite Boulderites to act against Trump’s authoritarian policies that threaten to weaken our nation. Inspired by “Indivisible: A Practical Guide For Resisting the Trump Agenda,” we demand that our representatives do everything possible to fight the authoritarian agenda that is currently embraced by many other members of Congress as well as the Trump administration. We will support our representatives when they defend democracy and hold them accountable when they do not.

Vision + Values

Indivisible Boulder strives to create a politically responsive electorate in Boulder, CO that influences change in local and national policy.

Our group stands for positive values of liberty and justice for all members of our society; the defense of the Constitution and Democracy; and accountability of elected officials.

Our guiding principles are: Inclusion, Tolerance, Fairness, and Community. For more about our vision, values, and guiding principles, see the About page.


Our mission is to provide tools and information to the community of Boulder on how to act against Trump’s destructive and authoritarian agenda on the local and national level.


Indivisible Boulder turns information into action by coordinating four local advocacy tactics that actually work: Town HallsLocal Public EventsDistrict Office Visits, and Coordinated Calls. Join our Facebook Group or sign up for the newsletter to learn more about our upcoming actions.

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