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We are an entirely volunteer-run organization, just a group of constituents who have organized to resist the Trump agenda. We are inspired by the Indivisible Guide, and we support and work with other local progressive and Indivisible groups. Read more about Indivisible here! 

Vision + Values + Mission

Indivisible Boulder strives to create a politically responsive electorate in Boulder, CO that influences change in local and national policy.

Our group stands for positive values of liberty and justice for all members of our society; the defense of the Constitution and Democracy; and accountability of elected officials.

  1. Inclusion - Indivisible Boulder welcomes you regardless of immigration status, religious beliefs, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race and socio-economic class.
  2. Tolerance - We tolerate people from all walks of life. The only things we do not tolerate are hatred of and animosity toward any of the people mentioned above.
  3. Fairness - Equality and fairness go hand in hand. We strive towards equality for all people which brings fairness to our democracy.
  4. Community - Solidarity of our community makes our voice louder and our message stronger. Indivisible Boulder is here to unite our community against the authoritarian policies of the new administration.

Our mission is to provide tools and information to the community of Boulder on how to act against Trump’s destructive and authoritarian agenda on the local and national level.

Leadership Team

Dianna Rands, Wayne Montle, Diane Dileo, Sylvia Bernstein, , Rachel Leathers, Jeremiah Traeger, Jeff Dillon, Akhil Rao, Brock McCarty, Britta Voss, Sarah Myers.