Monday, January 30, 2017

Boy, there sure was a lot of activity going on last week! And there are not too many signs that it will slow down this week. If you are feeling overwhelmed with all the different moving parts, our suggestion to you would be to pick 1 that is the most important to you and commit to it. However, if you are charged and ready to power through, we are stoked right along with you!

Here are some key points to keep in mind for this week:

This is the information from the Indivisible Guide Team:





We are also seeing some items slipping onto the state docket that we also need to pay attention to. There is a proposal that will be voted on at the Capitol in Denver on February 9th. It was introduced on January 19th and it states that abortions will be a Class 1 Felony if it is passed. You can read about it here: CO HB1108

You can find out who your representative is in the Colorado State Legislature here: Find my State Rep

We also got some great advice from a member in our Facebook Group on how to protest against this proposed state bill:

"Hi. I'm a former journalist who covered reproductive health issues (among other beats) at the Statehouse. 

Your best bet is to organize people to attend the hearing in person to pack the room. Keep an eye on the daily bill calendar to confirm the hearing has not been moved to a different date/location. It tends to happen with contentious bills. The anti-choice folk will be there in large numbers. Sadly, they are not persuadable or reasonable. I would not recommend trying to not engage with them. 

Be sure to contact ALL the members of the committee via email, Twitter and/or Facebook and respectfully ask about their stand on the bill. Demonstrate your support of those who vote against it. They need the backup. It's going to be a rough legislative session.

On the flip side, be clear with those who support it that irrespective of their strongly held personal or religious beliefs, this bill has been overwhelmingly rejected by Colorado voters three times. The voters have spoken and it is not in the public interest to continue to litigate the matter. 

Some of the most extreme members of Congress made their way into politics through their respective statehouses. Local activism is a great way to ensure we send our best and brightest to DC not those who snake charm their way through the system and are never held accountable (like Cory Gardner). Good luck!"

And here is a link to the House Committee that would oversee this bill: House Committee 8 of the 11 members are women, so that could prove beneficial for stopping this bill in its tracks. But we shouldn't assume it does. Our action is still needed! We will keep you posted as we determine what action will be taken. We may go to the Capitol as a group, and we will definitely let you know.

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We are so proud of your energy, love and support of our community!

The Indivisible Boulder Team


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