8/6 Weekly Call to Action

Each week, we'll gather the week's most relevant advocacy actions, legislation, and events so that we can target our actions to have the most impact. We'll bring in happenings at the local, state, and national level from several sources so you can have a one-stop shop for your information and advocacy actions. If you come across an item to include in an upcoming Call to Action post, please send us a link through the Contact form on this site. Thanks for your advocacy!!

Defeating TrumpCare was an incredible victory--brought about by your constituent power. It was a demonstration of how grassroots resistance can change what is politically possible. We need to keep the momentum going. Trump and his Republican friends in Congress are determined to ram through the rest of their agenda. It’s important that we hold Members of Congress (MoCs) accountable every step of the way.

Recess is your time. It’s an opportunity to connect with your three MoCs and for them to hear about what matters to you. This August, we hope you’re able to meet with your MoC -- if they’re not hiding from you.

Call to Action - Do these things!

Local Actions - Cardboard Cory and Climate Change Movie!

Monday through Wednesday - Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth Sequel

Century Movie Theater, Boulder 

Wednesday 8/9:

4-7pm - Cardboard Cory on the Street: Evening Farmer's Market in Boulder

Saturday 8/12:

3-6pm - Cardboard Cory on the Street: Boulder County Courthouse

State Actions from our indefatigable Colorado Indivisible Team

Just like tr*mp said, we’re winning so much we’re getting tired of winning.  This week, it’s time to start thinking globally but acting locally.

IT’S TIME TO PIVOT.  We have been URGING local progressives to run for office.  And lots of new folks have heeded the call, including young people, women, POC, and LGBTQIA folks.  People are stepping up who have never run before, including graduates of @Emerge Colorado, @She Should Run, and other great organizations.  THEY NEED TO FEEL OUR LOVE.  NOW.  IN 2017.  We want them to make the decisions and change the status quo.  And this is how we build our future leadership in Congress, all the way on down.  They don’t start at the top.  Think what you would want if you were running.  And then offer that for someone who is.  We have fewer than 100 days to make change THIS election cycle.



In preparation for the November 2017 Denver School Board election, Indivisible Denver and Indivisible Front Range Resistance invite you to engage in a discussion about education in Colorado. The first place to fight Betsy DeVos's destructive federal education policies is in getting the right people on our school boards locally!

During this meeting, we will address:
- The effects of TABOR on our schools
- Segregation in our schools
- How to inform ourselves as we prepare to vote for new school board members in November.

Our panel of experts, who will inform and take questions on the current state of public education in Colorado, includes:
- Betsy Bevis, @Great Education Colorado

- Dr. Joyce Brooks, @NAACP Denver Education
- Recent @Denver South High School graduate Zach Cheikho

We have also invited all current DPS board candidates to answer questions and share their vision for DPS. Six DPS board candidates are confirmed.

RSVP HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/19813562354305



Find out who is running for office or defending their seat in your school district.  Remember, the Koch Brothers are paying attention to this, so you should be, too.  Besides, education is one of the best places to intervene in the vicious cycle of poverty.  At current funding levels, our schools aren’t cutting it.

Already have great representation on School Board with no chance of losing it?  Find yourself a sister district.  Go to their candidate forums.  Educate yourself about a local candidate, attend a fundraising event, and volunteer to canvass.  It’s too important to let our youngest, most impressionable members of society be warped by Koch Brothers’ policies.



Find out who is running for office or defending their seat in your City.  Big corporations are paying attention to this, and THERE ARE NO LIMITS TO CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS AT THE CITY LEVEL, so you should be aware of what is going on.  I can guarantee you there are big issues in your City and County, no matter where you live in the Front Range.  What’s going on with housing and homelessness?  Oil and gas threats to your safety and health?  These are being dealt with on a local level.

Already have great representation in your City/County with no chance of losing it?  Find yourself a sister district.  Go to their candidate forums.  Educate yourself about a local candidate, attend a fundraising event, and volunteer to canvass.  This is how we someday replace the current national and state leadership - by fostering new leaders locally.



Now that you know who’s running in your city, county and school board elections, choose a candidate to support.  They need the money NOW to buy mailers, hire campaign managers, etc.  Money in November is useless.  Not rich?  Give $20.  Or $5.  Or host a houseparty.  Or introduce everyone you know to this candidate.



Now that you know who’s running in your city, county and school board elections, choose a candidate to support.  Sign up, and go knock some doors and get to know your neighbors as you participate in Democracy.  This is one of the 20 things Tim Snyder said we should do to stop a dictatorship - corporeal politics.

  • I RSVP’d for the School Board Event on Sunday.

  • I googled my City Council, County Commission, and Mayor races.

  • I googled my School Board races.

  • I already know who all my local candidates are.

  • I donated to a local candidate.

  • I signed up to canvass for a local candidate.

  • I promise I will not sit on my ass just because 2017 is an off-year election.


National Actions

  1. Register your August Recess events. Both the House and the Senate are out for August Recess until September. Make sure to register your events here and search for nearby events here.
  2. Prioritize using our new August Recess policy resources. We have a series of new August recess materials on TrumpCare, Tax Reform, Immigration, the Budget, the Environment, and on Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the person leading the Russia investigation. Check them out here at our new August recess site!
  3. Get ready to knock on some doors. Get busy canvassing using our new canvass packet and customized flyers to spread the word about Indivisible, your work to hold your members of Congress accountable, and your senators’ vote on TrumpCare.
  4. Meet with your Members of Congress (MoCs). 

    Here are some suggested issues to talk to them about:

    • TrumpCare Accountability - Make sure that TrumpCare stays dead. Hold your MoCs accountable for voting for repeal, and make sure you thank your MoCs if they voted against it.
    • Tax Reform - The next legislative priority for Donald Trump and congressional Republicans is to give massive tax cuts to the rich, paid for on the backs of working families. Tell your MoCs that you won’t accept Trump’s tax scam.
    • Immigration - Trump continues his multi-pronged attack on immigrant families. There are ways that you can be an ally to immigrants, beginning with urging your MoCs to cosponsor these bills.
    • Budget - Remember, Trump doesn’t decide what programs and agencies get funded, but Congress does. Make sure Congress is prioritizing you -- and not Donald Trump -- as they negotiate the budget.
    • Environment - We’ve partnered with Al Gore to bring attention to climate change. Here is a toolkit to help you get engaged locally.
    • Preventing Trump from firing Robert Mueller - We need to make sure that Donald Trump doesn’t create a constitutional crisis by firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the person leading the investigation of Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. Here’s how you can make sure that doesn’t happen.

Upcoming Legislation - Watch these bills!

Energy and the Environment- S. 1639: American Opportunity Carbon Fee Act of 2017

Healthcare- Hr. 2430: FDA Reauthorization Act of 2017

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