7/10 Weekly Call to Action

Each week, we'll gather the week's most relevant advocacy actions, legislation, and events so that we can target our actions to have the most impact. We'll bring in happenings at the local, state, and national level from several sources so you can have a one-stop shop for your information and advocacy actions. If you come across an item to include in an upcoming Call to Action post, please send us a link through the Contact form on this site. Thanks for your advocacy!!

A word from the state-wide Indivisible Front Range Resistance group sums up our aims for this week very nicely: "The power to change our future lies in the power of voting. Don’t give up your right to vote for any reason. Are you registered? Check. 2017 is an election year. City council seats, school board seats. The people who win these elections, often win by a margin of hundreds, not thousands, of votes. Will you commit to double-checking your registration before this November?"

Call to Action - Do these things!

Local Actions

Attend a webinar (that's local, right?) on 7/13 at 5:30pm that discusses the characteristics of our elected officials! From the description: "As we gear up for 2018 and beyond, how reflective is our democracy? Do our candidates and elected officials reflect the race, class, and gender of those of us who live in Colorado? Why or why not? How can we make sure our elected officials truly do reflect who we are as Coloradans? Join this webinar to find out. We are honored to have Brenda Choresi Carter, director of the Reflective Democracy Campaign, join us via webinar to discuss this issue and explore how we can take action in Colorado." Find more information and register to attend here.
Call about some bills (as if you're not making enough calls already)! A pair of bipartisan bills are scheduled for the floors of their respective groups - S. 239 and H.R. 723. Sen. Gardner is co-sponsoring the Senate version, so let's take a moment to call and tell him thanks for working across the aisle on bills like these. See the links in the Upcoming Legislation section below for more information.

Register for our next Indivisible Boulder Meeting on July 16th, 3:30-5:30 at the Boulder Public Library. RSVP Today!

State Actions

From our amazing state Indivisible Front Range Resistance group:

  1. REGISTER TO VOTE: Check this site to check your voting status. You can not only check yourself - you can check on your friends, your family, or anyone you know who cares about protecting progressive values. Let’s umbrella this thing.
  2. RE-UP YOUR HEALTH CARE CALLS TO GARDNER. He needs to hear from you AGAIN this week on healthcare. Call his offices and tell him that the healthcare bill is rotten and needs to be chucked. Tell him to start fresh with a bi-partisan solution that covers ALL Americans.
  3. NET NEUTRALITY - THE FIGHT IS HERE. July 12th has been declared a national “Day of Action” on net neutrality, and Facebook and Google have signed on. This will be a massive online protest, and this site is gathering all the details on it. Sign up there to receive information on how you can participate in this. (You can also call your members of congress to urge them to support).
  4. BACK TO VOTING. This is the fight of our lives - none it matters if we aren’t primed and ready to massively vote this November. Beyond your OWN vote, we need you to get involved in engaging others. Here’s a first step - RSVP to our July 22 Engagement Kickoff Party at the Irish Snug (a bar!). We’ll talk about ways to take everything back and make it blue - register now because space is limited.
  5. SENATOR CARDY GARDNER? Last but not least - we are planning a STATEWIDE August action for Senator Cory Gardner. It involves some cardboard, some street corners, and 6-8 cities across the state. It also involves you. We’ll share more later, but be on the look out for August events that we’ll post to this group. The purpose will be to keep Cory Gardner in the spotlight, since he can’t find it on his own. Stay tuned.

National Actions

From the national Indivisible Guide team: "Your back-to-session to-do list"

  • Keep up the pressure on your Senators to reject RepubliCare. Republicans are laying groundwork for a RepubliCare vote next week. McConnell continues to strong-arm and bribe Senators. We need to keep up the pressure and make sure your Senators know there is no policy tweak, no extra time, and no extra funding that would redeem this bill. Everything you need to hold your Senators accountable is updated daily on trumpcareten.org.
  • Ask your Senators to hold a town hall this weekend (July 14-16). This could be the last weekend before the vote and your Senators should be holding town halls to listen to you, their constituents. In states like yours, where there’s one Democratic Senator and one Republican, it’s critical to turn up the heat on the Republican and control the narrative. Your Democratic Senator can help you do that. Visit our RepubliCareTen page for more info and a script on Monday.
  • Something to watch for: possible markup of budget resolution (Wed/TH). The House Budget Committee may have a markup of their FY18 budget resolution, which would have more devastating cuts to entitlements and non-defense spending, and set the stage for tax reform.  We will provide updates if the markup moves forward.
  • Take action to stop the Kobach Commission. The Kobach commission is asking for voter information and the intentions are clear: voter suppression. Everything you need to take action is now available at kobach.indivisibleguide.com.

The fight ahead on RepubliCare.

Local pressure has turned RepubliCare from a sure thing into a real fight. A month ago in Washington, it was a certainty that the Senate would vote to repeal the ACA before the July 4th recess. Mitch McConnell did everything he could to make that happen. It didn’t happen because of nationwide public opposition to the bill. It didn’t happen because of YOU. And what we saw during recess was that Republican senators were once again nowhere to be found. All but a few were too afraid to face their own constituents. We are winning this fight.

McConnell’s goal is now to get RepubliCare done by August. But make no mistake, Mitch McConnell is actively doing everything he can to get to the 50 votes he needs, so the fight is far from over. We don’t expect that the Senate will vote on RepubliCare this week, but the vote could come the week of July 17. That doesn’t mean you should relax or let up on your Senators. In fact, the CBO is right now looking at changes proposed by Sen. Cruz (TX-R) that would only make the bill worse, especially for people with pre-existing conditions. At the same time, McConnell is floating an extra $45 billion in funding to fight opioid addiction, but that woefully inadequate amount of funding should not even remotely persuade your Senator. So keep up the pressure. Don’t let up on your Senators. We are almost there—we can kill this bill.

Upcoming Events - Go to these places!

Tuesday 7/11

5:30pm - Boulder City Council Meeting - deliberate and consider Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan

Wednesday 7/12

All Day - Protect Net Neutrality

Thursday 7/13

5:30-7:30pm - Indivisible Denver's Who Leads Us? Webinar

Sunday 7/16

3:30-5:30 - Indivisible Boulder Monthly Meeting

Indivisible Boulder