6/12 Weekly Call to Action

Each week, we'll gather the week's most relevant advocacy actions, legislation, and events so that we can target our actions to have the most impact. We'll bring in happenings at the local, state, and national level from several sources so you can have a one-stop shop for your information and advocacy actions. If you come across an item to include in an upcoming Call to Action post, please send us a link through the Contact form on this site. Thanks for your advocacy!!

This is it. We are going over this ledge. #HEALTHCARE.

"We know this Senate health care fight is exhausting. But we've only got 3 weeks. There's nothing more important for you to do.” - @IndivisibleTeam

Call to Action - Do these things!

Local Actions

Pay your respects to healthcare! Now that healthcare is the Senate's court, we need to make sure that they know what we want from. Attend a rally at the Denver capital on Tues 6/13 at 10:30am to mourn the death of healthcare if the Republicans have their way. We need to make sure that Sen. Gardner, who is on the Senate's healthcare working group, knows the consequences of the wrong decision for his constituents. More information at the event page here.

Join a local group headed to Sen. Gardner's office to voice concerns! You can show up anything to Gardner’s office and express your concerns. There’s actually a Facebook group for that.

State Actions

From the Indivisible Front Range Resistance team:

Remember: ★ Indicates a statewide call to action being shared across CO Indivisible groups! Get your Member of Congress phone and addresses here.

CALL SENATOR GARDNER EVERY DAY this week. You can alternate between three arguments (or post your OWN in the comment below):

  • ARGUMENT #1: Healthcare is a RIGHT. Medicare for all is the only way to ensure that every American is covered and never has to worry that they will not be able to have LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
  • ARGUMENT #2: Healthcare is 1/6th of the economy. Are you FOR REAL not going to allow an hearings on this bill before voting? Obamacare adopted republican amendments. There were hearings. This bill is being rushed through to a vote BECAUSE IT STINKS. Are you ok with that?
  • ARGUMENT #3: Cory Gardner said in March that he was concerned about the harm AHCA would do to Medicaid expansion in CO. Apparently the Senate bill simply slows cuts to Medicaid by 7 years, is Gardner ok with that? WHAT is he doing to protect children and rural communities from the damage done by medicaid expansion cuts?


This post is for the most important calls to #action we can do each week to affect change via our MoCs and other elected officials. If you have other urgent calls to action, please include them in the comments below.

  • ★ Called Gardner’s office on Monday RE: Healthcare
  • ★ Called Gardner’s office on Tuesday RE: Healthcare
  • ★ Called Gardner’s office on Wednesday RE: Healthcare
  • ★ Called Gardner’s office on Thursday RE: Healthcare
  • ★ Called Gardner’s office on Friday RE: Healthcare
  • ★ Called Gardner’s office on Saturday RE: Healthcare
  • Planning to attend the Tuesday rally at the Capitol RE: Healthcare
  • Planning or intending to get to Gardner’s office to discuss Healthcare
  • Took another action on health this week (please share in comments below!)
  • Resistbotted Gardner RE: Healthcare
  • Called Senator Bennet to thank him for fighting against healthcare repeal and to ask for any advice (please share in comments below)

National Actions

From the national Indivisible Guide team:

A lot is happening in Congress right now, but the most important thing to remember is to keep your eyes on the prize—defeating RepubliCare in the Senate. Repeal efforts in the Senate are fully underway behind closed doors and the time is now to defend it. But let’s begin by addressing the elephant in the room: James Comey.

Impeachment Hearings: Time to Start the Process

On Thursday, former FBI Director James Comey (a Republican) confirmed under oath what many of us already suspected and what the press has reported—that Donald Trump asked him to drop the investigation into disgraced former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Let’s be clear about what this means: the President of the United States knew that the FBI was investigating his associates, tried to stop that investigation, and then fired the person who wouldn’t stop it. This is obstruction of justice, a federal crime, and an impeachable offense.

That’s why we are urging our groups to demand their members of Congress support both an independent commission AND impeachment hearings. Impeachment won’t happen overnight—it will be a long-term fight. We’ve got everything you need to defend democracy here.

It’s Do or Die Time on Defeating RepubliCare

If you’re wondering what you should be focusing on in the month of June, there is only one thing: defending the ACA. In back rooms, Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell are secretly twisting arms, cutting deals, and using everything they can to get the votes to pass RepubliCare . They’re still a few votes short of repeal, but they think they can get there. If they can get the votes, they’ll pass it in the dead of night, without reading the final bill, without public input, and without a CBO Score. And, if they succeed, millions of Americans will lose access to health care. This is a matter of life and death—and they’re planning for a vote for the last week of June.

YOU can stop them. The ONLY way we’re going to kill RepubliCare is if Senators feel the heat from Indivisible groups around the country.

Your Resources to Stop RepubliCare

  1. June 14 National Call In Day Script
  2. State-by-state map of RepubliCare’s disastrous impacts on you and your neighbors
  3. Top 10 worst things about RepubliCare
  4. Know the facts about RepubliCare

Stay tuned for a RepubliCare Planning Guide  to guide your group through the next few weeks of pressure on your Senators!


Upcoming Legislation - Watch these bills!

Immigration (National) - H.R.2407: United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Authorization Act

Immigration (National) - H.R.2572: Protect Family Values at the Border Act

Upcoming Events - Go to these places!

Monday 6/12

5pm-7pm - Jared Polis for Colorado Campaign Kickoff

Tuesday 6/13

10:30am-1pm - Mourn the Death of Healthcare at Denver's Capital

5:30pm-7:30pm - Cary Kennedy for CO Governor - Boulder

Friday 6/16

2pm-5pm - Sit in at Gardner's Office

Saturday 6/17

2pm-5pm - Phone Bank for Jon Ossof

Sunday 6/18

2pm-5pm - Phone Bank for Jon Ossof

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