6/26 Weekly Call to Action

Each week, we'll gather the week's most relevant advocacy actions, legislation, and events so that we can target our actions to have the most impact. We'll bring in happenings at the local, state, and national level from several sources so you can have a one-stop shop for your information and advocacy actions. If you come across an item to include in an upcoming Call to Action post, please send us a link through the Contact form on this site. Thanks for your advocacy!!

It's still all about healthcare. Now that the Senate working group has revealed their bill, keep the pressure on the Senators to thoroughly consider how the bill will affect their constituents!

Call to Action - Do these things!

Local Actions

Shut down the voice mailboxes with phone calls! See the State Call to Action for our coordinated efforts to call about the Senate healthcare bill.

State Actions

From the fabulous state Indivisible Front Range Resistance group:

REALITY CHECK, PART 1. We have to assume that Cory already knows which way he’s going to vote.

  • We saw what happened with the AHCA in the House. Vulnerable GOP Representatives balked at the cruelty of the original bill, then proceeded to vote “yes” on the amended bill to make it look like they were standing up for their constituents.
  • As Cory Gardner’s staff has so graciously reminded us: Cory was voted in on a promise to repeal and replace the ACA in 2014, and repeatedly expressed his intention to keep that promise.
  • As the director of the NRSC, Cory would have a lot to lose in terms of Republican political capital by refusing to join in on a repeal campaign that has defined the GOP agenda for the past 4 years.
  • Cory never actually pledged to protect the Medicaid expansion. He only pledged to try and defund it gradually.

REALITY CHECK, PART 2. Bennet, Schumer, and Senate Democrats still have a legitimate chance to stop the repeal effort using the reconciliation amendment process (Vote-A-Rama). This represents our only real opportunity to actually stop the bill using phone calls, faxes, and letters.

THE STRATEGY. We *have* to prioritize calling Bennet over calling Gardner this next week. Our goals are threefold:

  1. Get Bennet to pledge to use the amendment process & prevent passage of the bill at least through Midterms (2018).
  2. Get Bennet to pledge to put pressure on his Democratic colleagues to participate in Vote-A-Rama.
  3. Give Gardner a firm “no” on any threats to Medicaid, rural hospitals, and premiums.
  4. Make daily office operations & media blowback hell for Cory and his staff.

YOUR CALL TO ACTION. Call Bennet every single day: “We expect you to use the amendment process to prevent a vote on the BCRA through Midterms. We expect you to resist as long as the version of BCRA on the floor is projected to cut a single dollar to Medicaid, close one rural hospital, add one new annual or lifetime cap, remove one essential benefit, or increase statewide premiums by a single dollar. We expect you to lead your fellow Senate Democrats in pursuing this strategy to protect affordable health coverage for your constituents and the entire country.”

  • District of Columbia: 202-224-5852
  • Denver: 303-455-7600
  • Northwest: 970-241-6631
  • Arkansas Valley: 719-542-7550
  • Pikes Peak:  719-328-1100
  • San Luis Valley:  719-587-0096
  • Four Corners:  970-259-1710
  • Northern Colorado:  970-224-2200

Call Gardner--but only AFTER you’ve called Bennet. Tell him:

HE’S ACCOUNTABLE: “As a member of the group selected to work on BCRA, you had weeks of opportunity to influence the actual direction of the repeal legislation.”

 HE’S EARNED OUR FRUSTRATIONS: “And you’ve heard from us, your constituents, for months now. Your staff has listened our stories, seen photos of our sick and deceased loved ones, and watched us break down in tears. Still, you insist on pushing forward with a repeal.”

BCRA BELONGS TO HIM: “You own BCRA now. Both in its current form, and in whatever amended form it ultimately comes to. We’ll remember this, and make sure our neighbors remember, in 2020.”

BCRA BREAKS HIS PROMISES: “You promised to protect the Medicaid expansion. BCRA cuts Medicaid even more than AHCA does. You promised to protect rural hospitals. But safety net and rural hospitals rely heavily on the Medicaid expansion, and 26% of rural Coloradans are Medicaid enrollees. You’ve railed against increasing premiums for years. BCRA would increase premiums by up to 20%. Above all, BCRA is projected to cause up to 26,000 deaths in the year 2026.”

WE EXPECT HIM TO DO BETTER: “As long as the version of BCRA on the floor is projected to cut a single dollar to Medicaid, close one rural hospital, add one new annual or lifetime cap, remove one essential benefit, or increase statewide premiums by a single dollar, we expect you to keep working to improve BCRA and vote ‘no’ if it comes to the floor.”

  • Washington DC: (202) 224-5941
  • Denver: (303) 391-5777
  • Fort Collins: (970) 484-3502
  • Pueblo: (719) 543-1324
  • Yuma: (970) 848-3095
  • CO Springs: (719) 632-6706
  • Durango: (970) 259-1231
  • Grand Junction: (970) 245-9553
  • Greeley: (970) 352-5546

A FINAL WORD. This next week is going to be especially important as far as media blowback goes. If you’ve hesitated to show up physically to events before, this is the week to actually make it happen.

National Actions

From the national Indivisible Guide team:

Now that Senate Republicans have finally released the draft of their health care bill, we’re in the fourth quarter of this fight. Take a look at the story bank Texas groups have created to see what this could mean to real people. We’re not exaggerating when we say that TrumpCare could become law in less than a week. With a vote anticipated next week, the only thing standing in Republicans’ way is YOU. Let’s get right to it:

Act Indivisible: This Week’s To-Do List

It’s imperative to keep up the pressure on your two senators this week. It doesn’t matter if your senators are Democrats or Republicans; we’ve got asks for both.

  1. Ask your Democratic senator to continue to resist by withholding consent on senate business. Tell them to object!
  2. Also ask your Democratic senator to try to bury TrumpCare in amendments. You can submit an amendment by visiting OurAmendments.Org.
  3. Call, visit your Republican senators’ regional offices, and hold sit-ins, demanding they oppose the bill. We have an updated script to get you started. Remember: ask for the right health care staffer when you call. If you don’t get through, send a follow-up email using our state-by-state email directory of Senate staff.
  4. Use our daily call scripts to call your senators and email their staff if you live in AK, AR, AZ, CO, LA, ME, NV, OH, PA, or WV. Visit TrumpCareTen.Org for more info.

Don’t forget, when you visit your senators’ offices, alert the local media (and us at stories@indivisibleguide.com).

New Resources for fighting the TrumpCare Bill

Make sure you also check out three new Indivisible explainers to combat the most common talking points we’re seeing from Republican Senators (because facts matter):

  1. The Senate Bill Fails People with Pre-Existing Conditions
  2. The Senate Version of TrumpCare = Higher Costs for Consumers
  3. The Senate Version of TrumpCare Destroys Medicaid As We Know It

A Note About Last Tuesday

Losing elections hurts. We totally get that. But, as we said late Tuesday night, making this big of a difference in conservative districts is not a loss. The groups in Georgia and South Carolina who knocked doors, made calls, and registered voters made an impact—and we should be talking about that. Here’s a quick note from me on how to talk to your groups about Tuesday’s special election results.

Upcoming Legislation - Watch these bills!

Education (National) - H.R.2590: Computer Science for All Act of 2017

Immigration (National) - H.R.2508: Child Citizen Protection Act

Energy, Education (National) - H.R.338: To promote a 21st century energy and manufacturing workforce

Upcoming Events - Go to these places!

Tuesday 6/27

12pm - Vigil To Save the ACA - Denver

5:30pm - Story for Senate Campaign Kickoff Event - Morrison

6pm Colorado Democratic Party Listening Tour - Denver

6pm - Take Back Your State - online

Wednesday 6/28

Calling on HIckenlooper to join the Paris Climate Agreement - ongoing until 7/6

11am - OFA's Our Heathcare Need over Billionair Greed - Gardner's Denver office

8pm - Stand Up for Health Care: Candlelight Vigil - Denver

Thursday 6/29

6pm - Stand By Your Land - Golden

7pm - Benefit concert for The Boulder County Protectors - Boulder

Saturday 7/1

1pm - #Resist-Longmont Vigil - Longmont

Sunday 7/2

11am - Combined events: Impeachment March Denver & Independence Day without Trump - Denver Civic Center Park

Indivisible Boulder