9/3 Weekly Call to Action

Each week, we'll gather the week's most relevant advocacy actions, legislation, and events so that we can target our actions to have the most impact. We'll bring in happenings at the local, state, and national level from several sources so you can have a one-stop shop for your information and advocacy actions. If you come across an item to include in an upcoming Call to Action post, please send us a link through the Contact form on this site. Thanks for your advocacy!!

From Indivisible Guide:

"Donald Trump is expected to make an announcement about—and possibly eliminate—the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. This program has provided relief from deportation to 800,000 young immigrants who came to the U.S. as children, who passed background checks, who paid a fee, and who met several other requirements. Whether Trump eliminates the program or not, Congress can permanently fix the problem. See our explainer for more information."

Call to Action - Do these things!

Local Actions

1. Boulder City Council Meeting

Tuesday, Sept. 5 at 6 p.m.

Public hearings:

  • Council will consider repealing and replacing the city’s inclusionary housing ordinance. The update includes a middle-incoming housing requirement, incentives to provide affordable units on-site and a new design review process.
  • Council will consider approving an Intergovernmental Agreement with Denver Water regarding Open Space and Mountain Parks’ South Boulder Creek Habitat Improvement Project.

2. LOCAL Elections are happening in TWO months! Have you donated or signed up to canvass for a candidate you believe in? 

State Actions  --  Week of Sept 3 - 10, 2017

1. DEFEND DACA: Reports suggest that Trump will end DACA soon, deporting 800,000 people who were previously protected.

- Call Gardner DAILY and tell him to issue a statement about DACA.

If DACA is rescinded, there must be immediate legislation to protect DREAMers. The DREAM Act is in the Senate, and Representative Mike Coffman has vowed to bring the "Bridge Act" to immediate vote in the House. What is the Bridge Act? Here's info: https://www.nilc.org/issues/daca/faq-bridge-act/

IN ADDITION: Let Gardner’s staff know how disappointed you are that the Senator has yet to take a stand regarding Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio or his order to ban the military from recruiting transgender individuals. **If you need some inspiration on what to say, please see the joint statement we put together: https://www.facebook.com/indivisibledenver/posts/1748510145448924. **

- Call your U.S. House Representative - Lamborn, Tipton, and Buck have made no statements on DACA.

- Read more about DACA and even sign up for text updates here: http://defenddaca.com/

National Actions

1. Texas Hurricane Harvey 

Here’s what your Members of Congress need to hear from you:

  • Demand immediate relief for areas affected by Harvey. Members of the Texas delegation are leading efforts to appropriate emergency relief for Houston, coastal Texas, and Louisiana. This is a national crisis and every Member of Congress should support aid for areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. Make sure that your MoCs do, too.
  • Resist funding cuts to disaster preparedness and response. Trump has called for massive cuts to FEMA, the coast guard, and other programs that are essential to prepare for and respond to disasters like Harvey. But funding is the job of Congress, so make sure your MoC doesn’t cut these important programs.
  • Rebuild Houston, not some stupid wall. We need infrastructure, medical help, jobs and economic security to rebuild Houston and the Gulf Coast, not a thousand mile long political posture for Trump’s white supremacist worldview. Demand your members of Congress supply federal funding to rebuild our cities and our communities—not for a costly and unnecessary wall.
  • Reauthorize the National Flood Insurance ProgramEven as Houston sits under water, Congress is unsure about whether it should reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program, which is intended to protect Americans from events like Harvey and expires on September 30. Congress needs to not just reauthorize the program, but strengthen it.
  • Address climate change in a meaningful way. Tropical Storm Harvey is real, so is climate change. We need a deliberative grassroots-driven plan that takes into account the strong likelihood of future climate disasters while taking action to avert the worst of the climate crisis. If Congress won’t address climate change, then we need to make sure our local and state governments are.

2. Charlottesville to DC March 

A March to Confront White Supremacy is set to start in Charlottesville this Monday and end in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, Sept. 6. Marchers will be standing up for justice and equality and making a commitment to fighting white supremacy wherever it is found (including the White House). Some members from our group will be travelling to DC to be among those to welcome the marchers when they arrive, but even if you can’t attend the march you can make a donation to the cause: https://www.youcaring.com/thepeoplesconsortiumforhumanandcivilrights-914108

3. Fight the Republican tax scam. 

As we saw in the health care fight, what Republicans really care about are massive tax cuts for the wealthy, at the expense of critical programs that American families depend on, like Medicaid. They failed to get it done through their health care bill, but they’re hoping they can trick the public through their tax scam. Don’t be fooled—we need to ramp up our resistance to Trump’s Tax Scam starting this week. Check out our new comprehensive resource at trumptaxscam.org and help us spread the word.

4. Stay vigilant on ACA. 

With the Senate Parliamentarian ruling that the Fiscal Year 2017 (FY17) reconciliation bill does, in fact, expire at the end of FY17 (September 30), that means Republicans have just one more month to jam TrumpCare through the Senate. This is a significant development, but there’s nothing to act on quite yet. We’ll keep you updated if a need arises again to engage on TrumpCare.

Upcoming Legislation - Watch these bills!

Immigration - H.R. 3548 Border Security for America Act of 2017

Upcoming Events - Go to these places!

Tuesday 9/5

11:30am-2:30pm - Emergency DACA Walk-Out & Rally - Denver

1pm-2pm - Senator Gardner Office Visit as August Recess Ends - Denver

6pm - Boulder City Council Meeting - Boulder

Wednesday 9/6

6pm-7:30pm - 314 Action: Training Scientists for Policy - Boulder

6pm-8pm - Join Mike Daugherty in Boulder - Boulder

Sunday 9/10

11:30am-6:30pm - Boulder Pride Fest - Boulder

Save the Date

Sunday 9/24

3:30pm-5:30pm - Indivisible Boulder Monthly Meeting - Boulder

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