2/18 Weekly Call to Action

As our hearts break from the tragedies of last week in Florida, we must come together and fight for our kids in CO. It is time to stand up to the NRA and show we are a force to be reckoned with. Our main focus this year will continue to be the midterms, but we will take a moment to fight for our children this next week (while the federal government is on a recess). Be sure to check out our Events Calendar often, as we add events daily to it.

Call to Action - Do these things!

Local Actions

Boulder City Council Meeting 2/20/18 at 6pm

  • Second reading of a motion to adopt an ordinance creating a Chautauqua Access Management Plan Program Extension and approving related details.
  • Second reading of a motion to adopt an ordinance approving supplemental appropriations to the 2018 budget for Community, Culture, and Safety Tax, Utility Occupation Tax, and the Sugary Sweetened Beverage Product Distribution Tax.

Chats with City Council

City Council is piloting a new engagement opportunity, called Chats with Council, in 2018. They will host nine events in different parts of the city, in different types of venues, at a variety of dates and times, inviting community members to drop in, ask questions and share what's on their mind.

Thursday, Feb. 22 @ 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. (50 people max capacity)
Meadows Branch Library – Meeting Room, 4800 Baseline Road
Council Members Jill Grano and Bob Yates

State of the City video

Watch the State of the City video to see what Boulder did in 2017 and what is planned for 2018.

State Actions

Last week our state senate passed a bill that reduces the regulations for gun conceal permits. Ironically this was the same day that Florida experienced a tragic mass shooting at a school. This week, that same bill will be voted on in our state house. Wednesday, there is a concrete, planned action right here in Denver on Feb 21 where Indivisibles will join Moms Demand Action - CO at the capitol to tell actual state lawmakers that their gun bills are harming our children.

Join us >> https://www.facebook.com/events/413195365781476/?ti=icl

National Actions

Last year, the Indivisible movement turned outrage into action during February recess. You showed the world what's possible when people show up to hold their members of Congress (MoCs) accountable. At town halls. At district offices. At public events. Then, over the course of 12 months, you ground the GOP’s legislative agenda to a halt and won groundbreaking elections from Alabama to Virginia and everywhere in between.

Next week, we can do it again. Recess is our opportunity to take back the narrative, tell our stories, and push our agenda and our people into the mainstream. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Visit our all-inclusive recess resource at recess.indivisible.org to get prepared to face your MoCs and ask the hard questions they have avoided for the past year. Both the House and Senate are on recess from February 17 (today) to February 25.
  2. Find a town hall near you and show up. Thanks to our friends at the Town Hall Project, we have all of next week’s halls up on our website right now. 
  3. If your MoC is hiding from you, don’t worry -- we have a solution. Hold a (not so) empty chair town hall for them: show them that whether they show up or not, their constituents will always be there to ask the hard questions and hold them accountable. Here’s our toolkit for planning your own event. Once you’ve planned an event, register it on our map here and we’ll help promote it to people in your area!

From DACA to gun violence to their 2017 votes on the tax scam and healthcare, your MoCs need to hear from you this week. We have the opportunity to shine a light on the GOP’s cynicism and their obstructionism with our collective action. 

And just like last year, we can breathe new hope into the progressive movement that will carry us through the hard days, weeks, and months of the Trump Administration… all the way through to the blue wave in November.

Upcoming Legislation - Watch these bills!

Environmental (Federal) - HR 4926: American Opportunity Carbon Fee Act of 2018

Upcoming Events - Go to these places!

Visit our Events Calendar to see upcoming events.

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