3/5 Weekly Call to Action

Come to caucus at 7pm this Tuesday!  As a registered Colorado Democrat you will be able to: 

  • Vote on which candidates for Governor will make it onto the Primary ballot, which is sent in June. The winner of that primary ballot will become the single party nominee for the general election in November. 

  • Vote for AND/OR run for the positions of County Assembly Delegate.

  • Vote for AND/OR run for the position of Precinct Committee Person (PCP), the person responsible for grassroots organizing in your neighborhood and your representative to the County Party's Central Committee.

  • Propose and vote on amendments to your party's platform, the record of policy and political positions we unite behind as Democrats. 

Every week: Be sure to check out our Events Calendar often, as we add events daily to it.

Call to Action - Do these things!

Local Actions

Monday (date change due to caucuses on Tuesday), March 5th

Boulder City Council Meeting

Public Hearings
A.    Introduction, first reading, and consideration of a motion to order published by title only and adopt Emergency Ordinance 8242 modifying the International Fire Code to regulate ceremonial fires and setting forth additional details    30 min
B.    Second reading and consideration of a motion to adopt Ordinance 8239 amending Chapter 2-3, by adding a new section 2-3-24, "Housing Advisory Board," B.R.C. 1981, for the purpose of advising the city council and city manager on housing issues and setting forth related details    30 min
C.    Update on State Legislation and Consideration of a Motion to Revise the City of Boulder’s 2018 State and Federal Legislative Agenda

Tuesday, March 6th is Colorado's Caucus Day!  Doors open at 6pm, starts at 7pm.

Put the date on your calendar and get familiar with the caucus process.  This FAQ from Colorado's Secretary of State will help.  

Chats with City Council

City Council is piloting a new engagement opportunity, called Chats with Council, in 2018. They will host nine events in different parts of the city, in different types of venues, at a variety of dates and times, inviting community members to drop in, ask questions and share what's on their mind.

State of the City video

Watch the State of the City video to see what Boulder did in 2017 and what is planned for 2018.

State Actions

Upcoming Colorado State Legislation Includes:

  1. "FAMLI" Family Medical Leave Insurance Program. This bill would allow workers to receive 67%-95% of their pay for up to 12 weeks when they need time away from their jobs to care for loved ones. Show your support by calling members of the House Finance Committee (https://leg.colorado.gov/committees/finance/2018-regular-session-0).
  2. Right to Rest Act. This bill, co-sponsored by Joe Salazar, protects homeless people by establishing basic rights including, but not limited to, the right to use and move freely in public spaces, to rest in public spaces, to eat or accept food in any public space where food is not prohibited, to occupy a legally parked vehicle, and to have a reasonable expectation of privacy of one's property. Please call key members of the House Local Government committee to vote YES on this bill, and attend the hearing on March 14th:  https://www.facebook.com/events/179207309530115/

- Matt Gray (D): (303) 866-4667
- Larry Liston (R): (303) 866-2937
- Hugh McKean (R): (303) 866-2947
- Kim Ransom (R): (303) 866-2933
- Judy K. Reyher (R): (303) 866-2905
- Paul Rosenthal (D): (303) 866-2910
- Dan Thurlow (R): (303) 866-3068
- James D. Wilson (R): (303) 866-2747

National Actions

  1. Remind your Members of Congress not to pass the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act (a bill that makes mass shootings easier). While our nation reels with the aftermath of Parkland, the Senate is actually considering a bill that is a top priority of the NRA. This bill would require states to recognize the gun laws of other states, essentially forcing them to accept lower standards than their own. That means that gun owners from states with minimal restrictions like Florida’s would be able to legally carry their weapons anywhere, whether or not they travel to a state that would normally have prohibited them from carrying a gun. This bill has already passed the House and the Senate is expected to bring it up this year. Read our resource on the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act and use our call scripts to contact your Senators before this bill comes up for a vote!
  2. Commit to #VoteThemOut. The only fail-safe way to make sure Congress takes up legislation to is to kick out the MoCs who vote on behalf of the NRA instead of their constituents. MoCs have received $31,399,341 from the gun lobby since Columbine, with more than $5,900,000 coming in 2016 alone. Watch and share this video on social media and commit to #VoteThemOut in November
  3. Read up on the latest in the fight for deportation relief for Dreamers. Last week, the Supreme Court decided that it won’t be taking up the Trump administration’s petition to hear an appeal of a U.S. district court’s DACA-related decision. That means that while they will be accepting DACA renewals for the time-being, there still is no permanent solution for over 800,000 DreamersYou can read more on the Supreme Court’s decision in this blog from our friends at NILC and United We Dream.
  4. Fight another giveaway to big banks. This week the Senate will take up a vote to unravel Wall Street Reform (when they should be working on gun violence prevention legislation instead!). You can use our resource and call script to call your Senator and tell them to vote no on S. 2155. 
  5. Congress will have the chance to end Trump’s illegal war in Yemen. A bipartisan group of senators is planning to use a procedure under the War Powers Resolution to force a vote on the Senate floor to stop Trump’s war in Yemen. We will have a resource coming out soon that will explain more and provide a call script, but the bottom line is that your senator should vote for this resolution to end Trump’s illegal, inhumane war in Yemen.

Upcoming Legislation - Watch these bills!

Federal (Education) - H.R. 5096 Universal Prekindergarten and Early Childhood Education Act of 2018

To establish a grant program to assist States to establish or expand universal prekindergarten in public schools and public charter schools.

Federal (Environment) - H.R. 3387- Drinking Water System Improvement Act of 2017

To amend the Safe Drinking Water Act to improve public water systems and enhance compliance with such Act, and for other purposes.

Upcoming Events - Go to these places!

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