5/14 Weekly Call to Action

News Flash!  The National Indivisible movement is about to launch one of the most ambitious (read: awesome) national grassroots electoral programs ever seen.  But it launches, there’s one small procedural step: next week, the paperwork will be filed to create Indivisible Action, the electoral Political Action Committee (aka a Carey PAC).  

Hold on.  Aren’t PACs dark money black holes used by rich billionaires to skew elections? They can be. There are Sheldon Adelson or Koch Brother-style PACs that allow billionaires with dangerous agendas to write blank checks to fringe candidates (ahem, Trump).  

But Indivisible is fully committed to fighting corporate money and influence in politics. The PAC will be overwhelmingly fueled by small donations (for example, the average gift to the Indivisible Project is $37!) from individual people supporting our movement. Indivisible Action commits to not accepting donations from for-profit corporations, and will be independent of any candidates or party structures.

Indivisible Action will allow groups like ours to:

✔️ Continue to build our (lasting, progressive, diverse) electoral power
✔️ Play a bigger role in races in every corner of the country up and down ballot
✔️ Build deeper movement capacity in races that are going to be especially critical to the balance of power this cycle

Stay Posted for more Developments!

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Call to Action - Do these things!

Local Actions

1. Boulder City Council Meeting-  Tuesday, May 15th at 6 p.m

Public hearings:

  • Concept plan review for input on proposal to redevelop the former Fruehauf's retail site at 1665 33rd St.
  • First reading on motion to impose a moratorium on drilling permits. 
  • Second reading on motion regarding first adjustments to base for the City of Boulder 2018 budget.

2. (Save the Date) Boulder City Council Special Meeting, Followed by Study Session- May 22, 6pm

  • Third Reading and consideration of a motion to adopt Ordinance 8245 adding additional firearm regulations to the Boulder Revised Code

3. The Daily Camera's Editorial Page Editor Dave Krieger was fired this week, after he self-published an editorial he claimed was blocked by his publisher, seeking a local buyer for our paper.  The Camera has sustained cuts to its staff over the last few years from it's owner Digital First Media, and its hedge fund controller, Alden Global Capital.  Check out an article here about the Camera and to stay informed about the shrinking print media in the United States.

4. Watch video of the last City Council meeting from May 1, 2018 including the Firearms Regulation topic

State Actions - there is something for everyone!

Here is Your Chance to join the "Colorado Blue Wave" to Keep our House Blue and Take Back the Colorado Senate:

  • In nearby Golden and the surrounding area of CO Senate District 16 TAMMY STORY needs our help to DEFEAT TIM NEVILLE.  This is one of Boulder's red-leaning "Sister Districts" that needs our help before November!  It is a short trip to Golden for a very important cause.  

    Join Tammy’s team today-- Monday, May 14th at 7pm -- for their first Team Tammy Volunteer Meeting. If you haven't volunteered on a campaign before, they’'ll train you on best practices for talking to voters. If you're an old hand, they’'ll be discussing plans for the summer, campaign internships, and our neighborhood lead program.

    Other ways to get involved - They also have postcards for folks who want to start writing.  If you'd like to help, sign up here: Postcards for Tammy


  • HELP FAITH WINTER DEFEAT BETH HUMENIK in CO Senate district 24.  Join Faith’s newsletter list to get updates on her campaign and how to help her win http://www.faithwinter.com


Or Join Us in Removing Mike Coffman from his U.S. House seat this November:

Or Help Raise Funds for Colorado's Public Schools by getting Initiative 93 on the Ballot in November:

  • INITIATIVE 93 is a statewide measure that would raise 1.6 billion to be distributed to ALL COLORADO SCHOOL DISTRICTS and 92% of Coloradans would see NO INCREASE in their income taxes. The top 8% of earners and C-Corps would see a graduated increase in their income taxes.  Residential and non-Residential property taxes would actually decrease with the measure. If anyone is willing to get signatures on a petition in Senate Districts 17 or 18, email Sarah Myers at SarahM@greatschools.email.nb.com

Federal Actions

  • Some House Republicans want to force an immigration vote.  Congressmen Denham, Hurd, and Curbelo introduced a discharge petition that aims to force a “Queen-of-the-Hill” floor vote on competing immigration proposals, where the proposal with the most support passes. One of the proposals on the table is terrible for immigrants: it conditions temporary protections for Dreamers on permanent cuts to family immigration and massive spending on Trump’s deportation force. For more information, check out our resource!
  • There will be a vote to protect net neutrality in the Senate.  Senator Ed Markey, joined by every other Senate Democrat and Senator Susan Collins, introduced a resolution to undo the FCC’s rollback of net neutrality this past week. The vote will be this coming week (probably on Wednesday), and there are still a few Republican Senators on the fence -- you can use our resource and call script to call and demand that they vote to protect the free and open internet.
  • The farm bill, including big cuts to SNAP, will get a vote in the House.  Republicans are trying to pass a farm bill that would take food assistance away from over 2 million people, mere months after handing the wealthy and corporations trillions of dollars in tax cuts. This bill will likely pass with few or no Democratic votes, and then it will be on to the Senate -- you can read our resource here to learn more.

Upcoming Events - Go to these places!

Besides our monthly meeting next Sunday, visit our Events Calendar to see upcoming events.

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