6/4 Weekly Call to Action


Build that Blue Wave! Voter Contact 101

It’s a fact: talking to voters, particularly face to face, is the single most important thing you can do in your electoral work. Here in Blue(er) Boulder, you can help out "sister districts" near us that have a battle in front of them this November.  See below about the help you can give in State House and Senate districts and Congressional Districts which include close communities such as Broomfield, Superior, Northglenn, Littleton and Golden.

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Call to Action - Do these things!

Local Actions

1. Boulder City Council Meeting-  Next meeting is Tuesday, June 19th at 6 p.m

State Actions - there is something for everyone!

Here is Your Chance to join the "Colorado Blue Wave" to Keep our House Blue and Take Back the Colorado Senate:

1.  #FlipSD16 : Help Elect Tammy Story for Colorado 👈

Golden, JeffCo, Superior - Tim Neville wants to arm teachers, punish sanctuary cities, prevent discounts on public transportation to low-income earners, and criminalize abortion.

Tammy Story has a record of supporting public education, she advocates for public lands, infrastructure sustainability, sensible gun laws, and equal pay for equal work. Here’s how to plug in to her campaign:

📞 Weekly phonebanking- link here
📆 Weekly canvassing -- this week in Littleton-- events can be found here
📲 Sign up to volunteer directly: http://story4co.com/be-engaged/volunteer/ 

2.  #FlipSD24 : Help Elect Representative Faith Winter 👈

Thornton, Westminster - Faith Winter stepped to the podium at the statehouse and never quit holding the powerful accountable. She’s running in senate district 24 in order to flip it.

Here’s how to plug in to her campaign:

📆 Weekly canvassing and other events can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/FaithWinterCO/events/?ref=page_internal
📲 Sign up to volunteer directly: http://www.faithwinter.com/get-involved/ 

3. #WinTheSixth : In the 6th Congressional District-- Help Elect Jason Crow and give Mike Coffman the boot 👈

Aurora, Highlands Ranch, Centennial - Mike Coffman has been aptly described as “building great relationships with the groups he votes against.” He is a good politician in that way - branded as a moderat even though he votes 93% with the trump agenda.

Here’s how to plug directly in to the work to oust him:


4.  Great Schools, Thriving Communities -GSTC- will Raise Funds for All Colorado's Public School Districts.  Help get it on the Ballot in November:

  • GSTC (Initiative 93) is a statewide measure that would raise 1.6 billion to be distributed to ALL COLORADO SCHOOL DISTRICTS and 92% of Coloradans would see NO INCREASE in their income taxes. The top 8% of earners and C-Corps would see a graduated increase in their income taxes.  Residential and non-Residential property taxes would actually decrease with the measure. If anyone is willing to get signatures on a petition in Senate Districts 17 or 18, email Sarah Myers at SarahM@greatschools.email.nb.com

Federal Actions

  1. The Trump administration continues to sabotage our health care system. The Department of Justice filed a brief Thursday arguing that protections for people with preexisting conditions are unconstitutional with the #GOPTaxScam effectively eliminating the penalty for not having insurance. You can read our explainer here for the latest information; the bottom line is that our health care will not be safe until we elect progressives up and down the ballot who will fight to protect it.
  2. House Republicans continue to hold Dreamers hostage. This coming week — the very same week that marks the 6th anniversary of the DACA program — Republicans are working on a "deal" that would require cuts to family migration and increased funding for Trump's deportation machine in exchange for protection for Dreamers. But remember: the best way to protect Dreamers isn’t taking a bad deal; it’s electing MoCs who will fight tooth and nail for a permanent solution.
  3. Trump heads to Singapore on June 12 for the North Korea summit. Trump said Thursday he said that he doesn’t need to prepare much because “it’s about attitude.” Unwinding a decades-long international conflict involving nuclear weapons requires more than just attitude. Read our resource and call your MoCs to ask them to publicly urge sustained diplomacy. And we’ll watch to make sure Trump doesn’t (further) botch the talks.
  4. The Inspector General for the Department of Justice will release its long-awaited report next week. This report will likely critique the FBI’s (and former Director Comey’s) actions during the 2016 election, and Trump is certain to seize upon the report release to undermine the Mueller investigation. 

Upcoming Legislation - Watch these bills!

Federal Legislation

  • The Senate will mark up a new blank check for Trump to wage war. Next week, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will consider a new bill (the “Corker-Kaine AUMF”) that would make Trump’s wide-ranging war authorities even wider. Trump doesn’t need a blank check for war -- this bill must not become law.

Upcoming Events - Go to these places!

Besides our next monthly meeting on June 10 and our Picnic Social in July, visit our Events Calendar to see upcoming events.  

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