7/30/18 Weekly Call to Action

Indivisibles, things are heating up...  There are a little more than three months until mid-term elections and we need to get moving.  If you haven't been out to canvass for a candidate, write postcards, register voters, make phone calls, give a donation, write a letter to the paper, or talk to your undecided friends and neighbors, now is the time to commit.  You'll feel great!  And you'll know you are part of the solution!  See below for plenty of opportunities to make a difference.

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Call to Action - Do these things!

Local Actions

  • Volunteer to be the next Indivisible Member to take on the task of creating this website post each Sunday night.  It is an important part of Indivisible Boulder's work each week.  Our current volunteer is returning to her full time job in the middle of August.  We would love to have you as her replacement!  Contact us if you are interested: indivisibleboulder@gmail.com.

State Actions

First, a Celebration!

On July 11th, the Great Schools, Thriving Communities campaign (now known as Amendment 73) turned in 180,000 signatures to the Secretary of State's office in order to qualify to get on the November ballot– this was almost twice the signature requirement.  We turned in petitions that met Amendment 71's required signature count in every single Senate District in the state.  This is a HUGE accomplishment and it's the first step in improving funding for Colorado's severely under-funded public schools.

Now we have the opportunity to ask Colorado voters to join us in our mission to invest in our students, schools, and communities.

Here are three things you can do right now:

  • Formally endorse the measure (if you haven't already) and send this link to other friends, organizations and businesses who would like to add their name.
  • Tell us you'll volunteer to help us get the word out. (We'll update the tasks soon — in the meantime, let us know you're ready to step up!)
  • Help us gear up for the campaign by making a donation today!

With advocates like you all across Colorado, we have no doubt that that we'll be successful.

Here are actions you can take to build our "Colorado Blue Wave" to Keep our House Blue and Take Back the Colorado Senate:

1.  #FlipSD16 : Help Elect Tammy Story for Colorado 👈

Currently serving in SD 16 (which is parts of Golden, JeffCo, Superior)- Tim Neville wants to arm teachers, punish sanctuary cities, prevent discounts on public transportation to low-income earners, and criminalize abortion.

Tammy Story has a record of supporting public education, she advocates for public lands, infrastructure sustainability, sensible gun laws, and equal pay for equal work. Here’s how to plug in to her campaign:

📞 Weekly phonebanking- link here
📆 Weekly canvassing events can be found here
📲 Sign up to volunteer directly: http://story4co.com/be-engaged/volunteer/ 

2.  #FlipSD24 : Help Elect Representative Faith Winter 👈

In Thornton and Westminster - Faith Winter stepped to the podium at the statehouse and never quit holding the powerful accountable. She’s running in senate district 24 in order to flip it.

Here’s how to plug in to her campaign:

📆 Weekly canvassing and other events can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/FaithWinterCO/events/?ref=page_internal
📲 Sign up to volunteer directly: http://www.faithwinter.com/get-involved/ 

3. #WinTheSixth : In the 6th Congressional District-- Help Elect Jason Crow and give Mike Coffman the boot 👈

Aurora, Highlands Ranch, Centennial - Mike Coffman has been aptly described as “building great relationships with the groups he votes against.” He is a good politician in that way - branded as a moderat even though he votes 93% with the trump agenda.

For those of us in Boulder, there is weekly phone-banking on Wednesday evenings.  Here’s how to plug directly in to the work to oust Mr. Coffman:

https://jasoncrowforcongress.com/  ---- mention that you are interested in the Wednesday phone banking if that's your thing.

If the Governor's and Attorney General's Races are your passion, consider these steps

1. We must continue to GOTV for Dems.  Dems will generally vote for Jared Polis and Phil Weiser  (the Dem AG candidate) if they show up, so they don't need persuasion--just need to show up.

2. Persuasion: the 1.2 million unaffiliated voters are the key persuasion target. We all have friends who are U's. Talk with them.  Persuade them. More U's voted in the Dem primary than in the R primary. Let's make sure they vote for Dems in the general as well.

3. George Brauchler, the GOP AG candidate, is rather Trumpian in his ability to get engaged on Twitter. He runs 2 Twitter handles: https://twitter.com/GeorgeBrauchler and https://twitter.com/GB4CO . Keep after him there. He does some interesting things, especially in his replies to tweets--e.g., he recently called Joe Salazar a "Street Talker" (someone who talks like a poor person, per Merriam Webster).  Some favorite topics for him are why he thinks Roe v Wade should be overturned, why he does not like Obamacare and thinks climate change is unfounded, and why he suppressed so many cases from public oversight.

Federal Actions (from Indivisible National)

  1. Learn about Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court. Catch up on Brett Kavanaugh and why he’s a threat to the Supreme Court in our resource here.
  2. Call your senators -- and keep calling! Find your personalized call script here, study them, and get ready to make your calls on Mondaymorning. You can also dial our toll-free number 1-844-778-3056 where you’ll hear a quick review of what to say to your senator’s office, and then we’ll connect you directly to their office. Make sure to call back and we’ll connect you to your other senator!
  3. Sign up for an upcoming #SaveSCOTUS phonebank. We’re making calls across the country into key Senate target states to turn up the pressure to take back the majority this November. Sign up now and we’ll keep you updated on our next shift.
  4. Don’t wait one more moment to register to vote. And make sure you get everyone you know to register, too -- just send them to our voter registration tool at indivisible.turbovote.org to get started 

Upcoming Legislation - Watch these bills!

Federal Legislation

S.3123 - Fair Maps (Redistricting) Act of 2018 - To create a more representative and accountable Congress by prohibiting partisan gerrymandering and ensuring that any redistricting of congressional district boundaries results in fair, effective, and accountable representation for all people. Introduced by Senator Michael Bennet.

Upcoming Events - Go to these places!

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