1/14/19 Weekly Call to Action

2019 is starting off with just as many disasters as previous years with 45’s administration running the White House. However, we must not lose sight at the great outcome of all your tireless work in 2018 to make Colorado a solid blue state!

We also have the 3rd Annual Womxn’s March. Let’s show everyone that we are still here and we are still fighting for what we believe in.

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Call to Action - Do these things!

Local Actions

  • City Council Meetings this week:

    • Jan. 15: City Council Public Hearing 6pm.

  • View 12/18 City Council Meeting - You can see the recording of the last meeting HERE.

  • Town Hall - Join Senator Fenberg and Representatives Becker and Hooten at the Rayback Collective on Wednesday, Jan. 16th from 6-8pm for their first Town Hall of the session.

State Actions


Take action NOW to mitigate climate catastrophe. We can’t accept half-measures, and this legislature is awash in oil & gas funding with seemingly limitless money. We MUST show up to turn the tide in favor of radical action NOW. https://www.facebook.com/events/302819730338985/?ti=icl

Indivisible Lobby day + Letter Delivery - Jan 16

Please join Indivisible Denver, Indivisible Highlands Ranch, Indivisible CD6, and Indivisible Front Range Resistance for their 2019 Lobby Day Kick Off. Meet in the Capitol Cafeteria, located in the basement, at 8:30 AM. Start the day with Senator Tammy Story and Senator Faith Winter, who will discuss the legislative priorities and share other helpful info about navigating the Capitol and state-level politics. Then deliver the joint accountability letter to Senators Story and Winter, as well as to EACH and EVERY one of our Democratic elected officials, including all the executive office officials. The letter reminds them that we expect them to maintain their campaign promises and we will be watching them. It was OUR boots that got them into those offices! After our letter delivery, we will be taking a resistance tour of the Capitol learning where to find your Reps, Senators, finding the mailbox and more. Feel free to stay afterwards for the Women and Family Wednesdays Press Conference on the Capitol stairs where they will be mentioning all sponsoring lobby groups. JOIN US - https://www.facebook.com/events/394035194665837/

State Marches

👟 JAN 18: FOUR DIRECTIONS INDIGENOUS PEOPLES MARCH: In this powerful healing community ceremony, we will honor one another as well as those who are with us in spirit, including the women whose lives have been stolen from us. Everyone is welcome, please join us and stand in solidarity with the indigenous people who are forgotten. https://www.facebook.com/events/349819915598132/

👟 JAN 19: WOMXN'S MARCH >> Denver - https://www.facebook.com/events/255422065152123/

💖 JAN 21: MLK MARADE: Walk with one of Denver’s most important community change-makers, Tay Anderson: https://www.facebook.com/events/2209025822671795/


To spur action for 2019 and 2020. Sign up and share the Boulder post-Womxn’s March event, where Phil Weiser, Steve Fenberg, KC Becker, Mike Dougherty, and reps from Joe Neguse’s office will be speaking, as well as community advocacy organizations: http://bit.ly/2019PostMarch

Federal Actions (from Indivisible National)


JAN 14-18 - This is now the longest shutdown in American history, and government workers missed their first payday on Friday, Jan 11. Senate shouldn't proceed on ANY new business until the bipartisan bills passed by the House to reopen the government are voted on by the Senate. Call Michael Bennet (202-224-5852) and Cory Gardner’s offices today (202-224-5941) and tell them you want them both to "vote against the motion to proceed on S.1 until government is reopened."

Upcoming Legislation - Watch these bills!

State Legislation

You can see the latest list of Colorado State bills that have been introduced in 2019 HERE.

Federal Legislation

H.J. Res 18 - Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to prohibit Members of Congress from receiving compensation for any period during which a Government shutdown is in effect.

Upcoming Events - Go to these places!

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