2/4/19 Weekly Call to Action

February 15th - That is the deadline that we need to have a budget resolution by. We should be calling every day to let our representatives know that we do NOT support a wall. They need to know that we support them in their stances to not fund a southern border wall.

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Call to Action - Do these things!

Local Actions

  • City Council Meetings coming up:

    • Feb 5: City Council Meeting 6pm

      • Second reading and consideration of a motion amending requirements related to the operations of recreational medical marijuana businesses.

      • Second reading and consideration of a motion amending the short-term rental licensing requirements.

  • View 1/22 City Council Meeting - You can see the recording of the last meeting HERE.

State Actions

🏛FEB 4: SUPPORT ELECTIONEERING DISCLOSURE SB (19-068): Call your state senator before 10:00AM this Monday, and tell them to vote YES on SB 19-068: Expand Disclosure Electioneering Communications. http://leg.colorado.gov/bills/sb19-068. Currently, electioneering material doesn’t have to disclose who paid for the ad if a) it’s after the primary, but before 60 days before the general election, or b) they don’t specifically say “vote for.” This bill will close those loopholes so that people will always know who is sending them campaign materials. (think: OIL AND GAS)

FIND YOUR LEGISLATOR HERE: https://leg.colorado.gov/find-my-legislator

FEB 6: RENTER'S RIGHTS: Call your state house rep and support renter's rights! This is how we continue to fight inequities in our economic system. The bill requires a landlord to provide a tenant 14 days (not 3 days, which is CURRENT law) to cure a violation for unpaid rent or for a first violation of any other condition or covenant of a lease agreement, other than a substantial violation, before the landlord can initiate eviction proceedings. The bill requires 14 days' notice prior to the landlord terminating a lease agreement (not 3 days, which is CURRENT law) for a subsequent violation of the same condition or covenant of the agreement. Public hearing for HB19-1118 will be 1:30 p.m. at the Capitol in room LSB-A Business Affairs & Labor https://leg.colorado.gov/bills/hb19-1118

📬FEB 6, 4:30PM: LETTER DELIVERY TO POLIS RE: TEACHER STRIKE Grab some friends and write a letter to Governor Polis (physical letters, not email) telling him to do the right thing and deny jurisdiction over the negotiations between DCTA and DPS. Drop them off to DCTA or scan and email to ahowe@coloradoea.org by Tuesday, Feb 5th at 5pm. We will deliver to the Capitol on Wednesday at 4:30pm, holding a brief press conference on the west steps. This action will be canceled if Governor Polis does the right thing and supports educators' right to strike. https://www.facebook.com/events/574572126349447/

🤝 FEB 7: Call Senator Gardner and Senator Bennet and demand they end immigrant child detention in light of the recent news that trump's administration does not know how many migrant children were separated from their parents at the southern border in the year before the "zero-tolerance" policy launched, and is unlikely to figure it out https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2254840534566556&set=p.2254840534566556&type=3&theater&ifg=1

📜 FEB 7: This bill will regulate the predatory lending of students loan services. http://leg.colorado.gov/bills/sb19-002. Call the members of the Senate Education committee BEFORE 1:30pm on THURSDAY. http://leg.colorado.gov/committees/education/2019-regular-session. Also, come testify to combat Nelnet’s lobbying efforts and testimony that will shirk responsibility for the problem, blame borrowers, and cry “over regulation. Public hearing is 2/7 at 1:30 at the Capitol in room SCR 352.

✖ OPPOSE INTERVENTION IN VENEZUELA: Call your Members of Congress (MOCs), and tell them to speak up against US intervention in Venezuela. Tell them to back sending more humanitarian aid and accepting more asylum seekers from Venezuela into the US. By intervening, the US will create more refugees that our federal administration is unwilling to accept into the US - this is completely unacceptable. To learn more: https://www.cfr.org/article/us-military-intervention-venezuela-would-be-disaster.

Indivisible groups from around the state are going to the capitol on the third Wednesday of each month from Jan-Apr to lobby for progressive bills. The second of these Indivisible Lobby Days will be Feb 20. The more groups and more members who participate in this, the stronger our influence will be! If your group is going, please comment on the event and ask to be added as a host, so that your group can be listed in all related materials given to representatives.

Federal Actions (from Indivisible National)

As of publishing this week’s actions, there had not been any announcements from National. We will update this section once we hear from them.

Upcoming Legislation - Watch these bills!

State Legislation

SB19-068 - Expand Disclosure Electioneering Communications - Concerning expanded disclosure about electioneering communications.

SB19-002 - Regulate Student Education Loan Servicers - Concerning the regulation of student education loan servicers.

HB19-1118 - Time Period To Cure Lease Violation - Concerning the time allowed for a tenant to cure a lease violation that is not a substantial violation.

Federal Legislation

HR 7 - Fairness Paycheck Act - More than 55 years after the 1963 Equal Pay Act became law, women’s economic security is still threatened by a punishing and substantial gender-based wage gap in virtually every industry and at every education level. Here’s what we can do about it.

Upcoming Events - Go to these places!

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