H.R. 3388: SELF DRIVE Act

Author's Summary:  The SELF-DRIVE Act is first-of-its-kind legislation to ensure the safe and innovative development, testing, and deployment of self-driving cars. While self-driving technology is currently being developed and tested across the country, from Silicon Valley to Detroit, federal motor vehicle safety standards need to be updated to reflect cars without traditional design features.

IB Summary:  From GovTrack: The SELF DRIVE Act would block states from banning self-driving vehicles, grant exemptions to existing safety standards for a company's first 100,000 vehicles, and require manufacturers to develop plans to thwart cyberattacks on the digitally-run vehicles. The bill has bipartisan support, though the pre-emption of state safety regulations concerns some consumer advocacy groups.

Status: Passed House on 9/6/17, awaiting a hearing in Senate Commerce Committee.

Links: https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/115/hr3388