HB17-1260: Contribution Limits For County Offices

Author's Summary (Sen. Fenberg, co-sponsor): "Current law regulating campaign finance does not set limits on contributions to candidates for a county office. Section 1 of the bill sets the maximum amount of aggregate contributions that certain persons may make to a candidate committee of a candidate for a county office, and that a candidate committee for such candidate may accept from such persons, as follows: In the case of any person other than a small donor committee or a political party, $1,250 for both the primary and general elections; In the case of a small donor committee, $12,500 for both the primary and general elections; and In the case of a political party, $22,125 for the applicable election cycle."

IB's Summary: This bill would help to tamper the impacts of egregious campaign contributions by limiting the amounts county candidates can receive for a given election.


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