S. 239: Energy Savings Through Public-Private Partnerships Act of 2017

Author's Summary (Sen. Gardner, co-sponsor): "This bill amends the National Energy Conservation Policy Act to revise requirements for energy savings performance contracts and utility energy service contracts (performance contracts). These contracts allow federal agencies to work with private contractors on energy efficiency upgrades to federal facilities, unless the facilities are dams, reservoirs, or hydropower facilities owned or operated by federal agencies. Current law requires federal facility energy managers to evaluate and identify energy and water efficiency measures for federal facilities, but agencies are not required to implement the measures. The bill requires agencies to implement the measures if they are cost-effective."

The corresponding House version is H.R. 723.

IB's Summary (from the summary of the House version): This bill makes it mandatory (rather than optional) for federal agencies to implement energy efficiency measures if they are cost-effective, and expands the types of contracts that can be used to implement conservation measures.


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