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Boulder Indigenous Peoples Day 2018

900 Canyon Blvd., Boulder - times vary for each day.

Boulder Valley's Indigenous People's Day is a special time for the community to embrace the beauty of indigenous culture and history. October 6th - 8th you will have opportunity to participate in the Arapaho Trading Camp, the IPD Pow Wow and the IPD Parade. There will also be contests for best drum groups, dancers, regalia, and traditional dresses.

The Arapaho Trading Camp is a chance for indigenous artisans to sell traditional art & jewelry along with food & beverage in order to support their tribes and other Indigenous Peoples Day celebrations in the future. It will run 12pm - 6pm all weekend.

The IPD Pow Wow is a chance for the community to learn about indigenous traditions and practices through crafts, traditional dresses, song and dance. It will run 12pm - 6pm all weekend.

The IPD Parade will be the culmination of the weekend's celebration and a profound moment of healing and reflection for the people of Boulder Valley and all along the Front Range. It will run 8am - 11am Monday October 8th.

Contests will be held throughout the weekend and participants will get the chance to win prize money for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Competitions will be in traditional regalia, parade floats, dancer and drummers. Men and women will be presented separately and we will have contests for all categories and ages. The prizes will start at $500.