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Front Range Cities: Ready for 100% Renewable Energy!

Action to substantially reduce carbon emissions to protect a stable climate must start at the local level. In the US, the Sierra Club created the "Ready for 100%" campaign to showcase local efforts and convince cities to explore individual pathways and commit to reaching ambitious energy goals. The purpose of this event is to learn what exactly people can do, and where to get started. Hear from several people advancing this local agenda and then get involved. 

Joyce McLaren is with NREL's Markets & Policy Analysis Group in the Strategic Energy Analysis Center. Also participating from NREL: Alison Holm, Project Leader. 

David Cockrell was the lead RF100 organizer for the Pueblo campaign where City Council introduced a resolution to take Pueblo to 100% renewable energy by 2035. 

Leslie Glustrom from Boulder headed Clean Energy Action and is putting pressure on utilities such as XCEL to retire coal power plants and move swiftly to renewable energy.

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