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White Anti-Racist Allyship: Beyond the Basics

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*This training is a repeat of the Jan 31 and the Feb 6 training. Location will be in Denver Metro area and will be updated later. 

So, you are a white person who considers themselves an ally to black and brown folks. Are you someone who was horrified by the election and has gotten more involved in anti-racist community initiatives and trainings? Are you someone supportive of movements like BLM and criminal justice reform? Are you someone who works or volunteers in a progressive organization? Are you someone looking to deepen your understanding of oppression, privilege, and your role in combating racism as a white ally beyond your initial introduction into this subject? Then this training is for you. 

In this training, hosted by Regan Byrd, we will educate you on the 4 I's of oppression, an excellent framework for understanding oppression on a deeper level, white fragility, and the common pitfalls that stop many, if not most, white allies from being genuinely effective in their work combatting oppression and being in true partnership with POC.

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