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Zero Tolerance for Family Separation

We are repeating this event to peacefully demonstrate we have Love for our Neighbors and Zero Tolerance for Family Separation.

This is a direct response to the current administration’s policy of criminalizing immigrants and refugee asylum seekers at the border, where they are being jailed and separated from their children. Hundreds of children have already gone missing as a result of them being taken away at the border from their parents. Our Government is doing this, with our Tax dollars! #DefundHate

As a mother, I cannot even imagine this atrocity! 
Migration is a survival mechanism beautifully designed by our Creator, not a crime. Punishing families, by separating them is despicable.
So I implore you to walk with me on this day, if you have Zero Tolerance for Family Separation.

We will walk from the Gardens of the Montview Presbyterian Church, to Temple Micah where our sister in Sanctuary, Araceli, will be receiving us. 

Together we will pray for the well being of all families, and we will plan to continue to repeat this event every month until Araceli can be free again. She has been taking Sanctuary to avoid family separation for over 9 months now and we would like to ask you to support the People’s Resolution, so that parents like her and me can have a path to citizenship.

Family friendly. All Faiths welcomed.

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