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Tell Bennet: NO VOTE on Kavanaugh - All Day Drop-In

We will be doing shifts at every hour:


Senator Michael Bennet’s statement on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh was once again less than clear. Bennet says he has “grave concerns”, but WILL HE VOTE NO?

Senator Bennet must not participate in any process involving the confirmation of a Trump Supreme Court nominee before January of 2019, and we demand he listen to the thousands of voices who demand that he fight HARDER against the trump regime. We want a stronger statement and an unequivocal statement, showing us that he will fight as hard as we are fighting against this evil administration. 

This is why we are hosting an ALL DAY drop in event at Senator Bennet's office. Please take 15 minuets out of your day this Thursday to let the Senator know we demand MORE. 

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Kavanaugh has argued in the past that presidents shouldn’t be burdened by legal challenges, so his selection by a president currently being investigated is suspect. Appointing a judge who will preside over future matters pertaining to trump’s potential criminal involvement is corruption at its worst. 

Kavanaugh also upheld SC’s voter ID law which the Obama Administration said would disenfranchise tens of thousands of voters.

Kavanaugh ruled that pregnant immigrants should have no access to abortion, despite them being in the US, where Roe is the law of the land. 

Kavanaugh represents a direct threat to workers’ rights, women’s rights, and voting rights. We need a FIGHTER on our side who will come out strong and withhold the vote on this judge, and any other judge the trump administration appoints, unless there can be a 60-vote supermajority in favor of a true “consensus” nominee. 

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