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Rally for EPA Hearing on Front Range Smog

EPA Region 8 office, 2nd floor, 1595 Wynkoop, Denver, CO 80202

Hosted by Colorado Rising and 4 others

Next Friday, Sept. 6, the Environmental Protection Agency is holding a public hearing to take comments on its proposal to strengthen smog protections for the Denver Metro and North Front Range area.

The area under review has been violating smog standards for more than a decade, due mostly to fracking, drilling and burning of fossil fuels. But thankfully the EPA has finally proposed changing our classification under the Clean Air Act from a “moderate” to “serious” non-attainment area.

This is important because it’ll increase protective measures to control smog-forming pollution and clamp down on oil and gas industry emissions.

Join us at 8:30 am for a rally to tell the EPA "DOWNGRADE WITHOUT DELAY!"

We will then go inside for the public comment session.

Public comment will be held throughout the day.

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